Under $25 Gifts for Kids 9-12 Who Love Adventure (2024)

Under $25 Gifts for Kids 9-12 Who Love Adventure (2024)

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​Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the adventure-loving kid in your life? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 10 best gifts that will satisfy their thirst for excitement and exploration. Whether they enjoy outdoor activities, reading captivating adventure books, or tapping into their inner explorer, we have something for every child aged 9-12 who craves action-packed entertainment. From gadgets to equipment and even educational tools, these gifts will encourage their sense of adventure and provide endless hours of fun. So, get ready to ignite their imagination with our carefully curated selection of gift ideas for adventure-loving kids.

Dino Fossil Dig Kit for Kids- Best dinosaur fossil digging kit


The Dino Fossil Dig Kit for Kids 4-12 is a comprehensive and interactive educational toy that sparks a passion for paleontology and prehistoric dinosaurs. With its realistic bones and excavation tools, this kit allows young children, ages 4-8, to become little archeologists and embark on a thrilling adventure. The interactive guide provides a step-by-step approach that ensures a fun and educational learning experience. The kit is designed to stimulate STEM learning, encouraging children to develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, and fine motor skills. Overall, the Dino Fossil Dig Kit is an excellent addition to any young aspiring scientist's toy collection.


  • Comes with fossil identification chart, fact sheet, and interactive Dino Guide
  • Includes 15 real fossils
  • Great interactive educational materials
  • Comprehensive guide book included with 5 hours of interactive content that covers everything from basic dino info to more complex paleontological concepts
  • Comes with 5 real fossils


  • Requires significant cleanup after use
  • Bones may be difficult to remove from plaster

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Wilderness Survival Guide for Kids- Best Survival Guide for Kids

The Wilderness Survival Guide for Kids is an essential resource for young adventurers looking to learn the skills necessary to survive in the great outdoors. The guide covers a wide range of topics, from building a fire and performing first aid to finding food and water sources.

The detailed instructions and clear illustrations make it easy for kids to follow along and understand the concepts being taught. The guide also includes helpful tips and tricks that are specific to the needs of children, ensuring their safety and success while exploring nature. Overall, the Wilderness Survival Guide for Kids is a must-have tool for any young outdoor enthusiast.

  • Great for teaching kids
  • Teaches valuable outdoor skills
  • Packed with useful survival skills
  • Wide range of survival topics covered
  • Fun activities
    • Only available in paperback
    • Only available in hardcover

      Prextex Dinosaur Paint and Build Kit- Best Paint Your Own Dinosaur Kit

      The Prextex Build & Paint Your Own Dino Kit is a fantastic product for kids who love dinosaurs and arts & crafts. This kit provides hours of entertainment and educational value. It includes a collectible dinosaur toy, a surprise dinosaur, a building toy, and art materials for painting.

      The kit is designed for kids ages 6-8, making it perfect for young children who are starting to explore their creativity. The painting set allows them to personalize their dinosaur and create their own unique design. The dino egg adds an element of surprise, making it even more exciting for kids to discover what dinosaur they will get.

      Overall, the Prextex Build & Paint Your Own Dino Kit is a great gift for any kid who enjoys dinosaurs and artistic activities. It is an excellent option for Easter basket stuffers or birthday presents. With this kit, children can have fun while developing their creativity and imagination.

      • Collectible dinosaur
      • Fun way to learn about dinosaurs
      • Encourages creativity, imagination, and self-expression
      • Collectible with 6 dinosaurs to acquire
      • Comes with everything you need to build and paint a dinosaur
      • Assembly can be frustrating for younger kids
      • One dinosaur per order

      Why is it important to encourage adventure and outdoor play in children?

      ​Encouraging adventure and outdoor play in children has become more crucial than ever before in our fast-paced digital age. With the increasing prevalence of screens and sedentary activities, it is important to prioritize and foster outdoor play experiences for children. Adventure books for kids, particularly those targeted towards ages 9-12, can play a vital role in instilling a love for exploration and adventure.

      Adventure books for kids ages 9-12 have the power to ignite curiosity and a sense of wonder in children. These books often feature epic quests, thrilling challenges, and mysterious discoveries, allowing young readers to embark on exciting adventures from the comfort of their own imagination. By engaging with these imaginative stories, children are exposed to different environments, cultures, and ideas, broadening their horizons and encouraging a sense of curiosity about the world around them.

      Outdoor play, on the other hand, provides children with the opportunity to turn their imagination into reality. It allows them to experience the thrill of exploration firsthand and develop important life skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and teamwork. Whether it is through climbing trees, building forts, or playing various sports, outdoor play allows children to navigate challenges and develop resilience, strength, and coordination.

      Furthermore, adventure and outdoor play provide numerous physical and mental health benefits for children. Playing outdoors stimulates physical activity, strengthening muscles, improving coordination, and promoting overall fitness. It also allows children to experience free play, which promotes creativity, independence, and self-expression. Moreover, exposure to nature has been linked to improved mental health, reduced stress, increased attention span, and enhanced cognitive abilities.

      In conclusion, encouraging adventure and outdoor play in children is of utmost importance. Adventure books for kids ages 9-12 can inspire a love for exploration and imagination, while outdoor play provides invaluable learning experiences and benefits for physical and mental health. By promoting adventure and outdoor play, we are not only ensuring the health and well-being of our children but also fostering a generation of curious, resilient, and creative individuals ready to take on the world.

      What types of adventurous activities can kids do?

      ​Are you tired of seeing your kids glued to their screens, longing for a sense of adventure? If so, it's time to introduce them to some thrilling activities that will not only get them off the couch but also provide them with incredible memories. There are plenty of adventurous activities that kids can engage in, making their childhood truly exciting and unforgettable.

      One great option for adventure-loving kids is rock climbing. Whether it's indoor rock climbing walls or outdoor bouldering, this activity offers an adrenaline rush and the opportunity to conquer new heights. Rock climbing not only builds strength and coordination but also helps kids develop problem-solving skills as they navigate their way up challenging routes.

      Another thrilling activity for kids is camping. Spending time in nature, away from the comforts of home, allows kids to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors while honing their survival skills. From setting up tents to building campfires and cooking over an open flame, kids develop valuable life skills while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

      For water enthusiasts, kayaking or paddleboarding can provide endless excitement. Whether it's navigating through calm rivers or conquering gentle waves in the ocean, these activities offer a unique perspective on the water world. Kids can explore hidden coves, witness marine life up close, and challenge themselves in a safe and controlled environment.

      If you're looking for gifts for adventure-loving kids, consider options that will encourage their thirst for excitement and exploration. From outdoor gear such as camping tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags to adventure-themed books or even a membership to a rock climbing gym, there are numerous options to fuel their adventurous spirit.

      With a wide range of activities available, there is no shortage of options to engage adventure-loving kids. Encouraging them to step outside their comfort zones and try new activities not only enhances their physical and mental well-being but also fosters a lifelong love for exploration. So, go ahead, inspire your kids to embrace their inner adventurer and embark on thrilling experiences that will shape their childhood in remarkable ways.

      At what age can you start taking your child hiking?

      ​As parents, we want to pass on our love for adventure to our children and expose them to the beauty of the great outdoors. Hiking is a wonderful way to do just that. But when is the right time to start taking your child on hiking adventures? While there is no set age, there are a few things to consider before strapping on those hiking boots.

      First and foremost, it's important to assess your child's physical abilities and readiness. Before embarking on a strenuous hike, make sure your child is able to walk steadily for extended periods of time and can handle moderate physical activity. It's also crucial to consider the terrain and difficulty level of the trail. Starting with shorter and easier hikes is a great way to gauge your child's interest and capability.

      Another factor to take into account is your child's level of interest in the outdoors and hiking. Some children may be naturally eager to explore and be in nature, while others may need a little more coaxing. Engage your child in outdoor activities and observe their enthusiasm towards nature. If they show a genuine interest, it may be a good indication that they are ready for their first hiking experience.

      Lastly, ensure that your child has the necessary gear and equipment for a safe and enjoyable hike. From sturdy hiking shoes to a backpack filled with snacks, water, and extra layers, it's important to be prepared. Consider getting them some adventure-themed gifts such as a compass or a nature journal to further enhance their experience and foster their love for the outdoors.

      Taking your child hiking can be a rewarding experience for both of you. It allows them to develop a deeper connection with nature, boosts their confidence, and instills a sense of adventure. Remember to start slow, prioritize safety, and most importantly, have fun exploring the wonders of the world together.

      How do I keep my child safe while outdoors?

      ​As parents, one of our top priorities is the safety of our children. And when it comes to outdoor activities and adventures, it's crucial to take extra precautions to ensure their well-being. So, how do we keep our children safe while they explore the great outdoors? Here are a few essential tips to follow.

      Firstly, proper supervision is key. Always accompany your child during outdoor activities, especially if they are younger or less experienced. By being present, you can monitor their actions and step in if any potentially dangerous situations arise.

      Secondly, ensure your child is equipped with appropriate safety gear. This includes items such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, and sturdy shoes. Additionally, consider investing in gifts for adventure-loving kids that promote safety, such as reflector vests, GPS tracking devices, or emergency whistles.

      Furthermore, educating your child about potential risks and safety measures is crucial. Teach them about proper road crossing procedures, wildlife encounters, and the importance of staying on marked trails. By providing them with knowledge and awareness, you empower them to make safer decisions when exploring the outdoors.

      In conclusion, keeping our children safe during outdoor activities requires a combination of supervision, safety gear, and education. By implementing these measures and investing in gifts that prioritize safety, we can provide them with a secure environment to nurture their adventurous spirit. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between allowing them to explore and ensuring their well-being every step of the way.

      Should I let my child take risks?

      ​As parents, we want to protect our children from harm and keep them safe at all times. However, there is a growing understanding that allowing kids to take risks can be beneficial for their overall development. In this modern age of helicopter parenting, it is important for us to consider the importance of letting our children experience challenges and adventures.

      By allowing our children to take risks, we empower them to become more independent and confident individuals. When kids are given the opportunity to explore the world on their own terms, they develop problem-solving skills and learn how to assess and manage risks. These skills will serve them well throughout their lives, enabling them to handle challenges and make wise decisions.

      Of course, as parents, we need to strike a balance. It's essential to provide a safe environment for our children to explore and take risks. This means setting boundaries and ensuring appropriate supervision. Additionally, equipping our little adventurers with the right tools and resources can further enhance their experiences. Consider giving gifts for adventure-loving kids, such as age-appropriate climbing gear, camping equipment, or outdoor exploration kits. These gifts not only encourage their love for adventure but also promote safety and preparedness.

      So, should you let your child take risks? The answer is yes! By allowing them to explore their limits and face challenges, we are fostering their personal growth and resilience. While it may be tempting to shield them from every possible danger, it is important to remember that learning to navigate risks is an essential part of childhood. With the right balance of freedom, boundaries, and appropriate resources, we can raise confident and capable youngsters who will thrive in an ever-changing world.

      How can I make sure my child stays engaged during an outdoor adventure?

      ​As parents, we all want our children to experience the wonders of the great outdoors. But how do we make sure our kids stay engaged and excited during an outdoor adventure? One way to ensure their enthusiasm is by providing them with gifts for adventure-loving kids. These gifts can range from using technology like GPS devices or cameras, to traditional outdoor toys like binoculars or bug-catching kits.

      Technology gifts can be a great way to keep your child engaged during an outdoor adventure. GPS devices allow them to navigate through trails and discover new places, while cameras let them capture their favorite moments. These tools not only keep them entertained but also foster a sense of exploration and curiosity about the world around them.

      Another option is to go for traditional outdoor toys that can enhance your child's experience. Binoculars, for example, can help them spot birds or wildlife from a distance, and bug-catching kits allow them to observe insects up close. These activities not only create a sense of fun but also encourage a love for nature and an understanding of the environment.

      In addition to gifting appropriate tools, involve your child in the planning process of the outdoor adventure. Let them choose the destination or activities they want to try. This sense of ownership and control can greatly increase their engagement and excitement. Give them the opportunity to make decisions, and they will feel more invested in the adventure.

      In conclusion, keeping children engaged during outdoor adventures is essential to ensure they have a positive experience. By providing them with gifts for adventure-loving kids, such as technology devices or traditional outdoor toys, you can enhance their experience and encourage their exploration of the natural world. Remember to involve them in the planning process to foster their sense of ownership. So, gear up and let the adventures begin!

      What should we put in our adventure pack?

      ​Are you planning a family adventure or a fun-filled outing with your kids? Don't forget to pack your adventure pack! This essential bag is filled with items that will make your trip even more enjoyable and memorable. But what exactly should you include in your adventure pack?

      First and foremost, consider the interests and age of your children. For younger kids, consider including snacks, water bottles, and sunscreen. Keeping your little ones well-fed and protected from the sun is essential for any outdoor adventure. Additionally, packing a few small toys or games can help keep them entertained during downtime.

      For older kids, think about their hobbies and passions. Are they into photography? Be sure to include a small camera or smartphone with a durable case. Do they love nature? A field guide or a magnifying glass can help them explore and learn about the environment around them. Encourage their curiosity and provide tools that will enhance their experience.

      But what about gifts for adventure-loving kids? If your children are always seeking excitement and thrill, consider including items such as a compass, a pocket knife, or a flashlight. These practical tools will not only provide entertainment, but also teach them basic survival skills. Plus, they'll feel like true adventurers with their own gear in hand!

      In conclusion, packing the right items in your adventure pack can make a world of difference in your family's outdoor experience. Consider the ages and interests of your children when choosing what to bring along. Whether it's snacks and sunscreen or cameras and compasses, including the right items will ensure a successful and enjoyable adventure for everyone. So, start packing and get ready for some unforgettable family adventures!

      Is technology a no-no?

      ​In an age dominated by screens and gadgets, it's easy to fall into the belief that technology is a no-no, especially for children. Concerns about the negative impact of excessive screen time and the potential loss of real human connections are valid. However, it is essential to recognize that technology, when used in moderation and with purpose, can be a valuable tool rather than a hindrance.

      Technology, when utilized appropriately, can enhance learning experiences and promote creativity. Educational apps and online resources provide endless opportunities for children to explore and develop new skills. From coding to language learning, technology opens doors to knowledge that might otherwise remain inaccessible. Additionally, digital platforms allow children to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds, broadening their perspectives on the world.

      However, it is crucial to strike a balance and encourage children to engage in physical activities too. Gifts for adventure-loving kids- outdoor gear, sporting equipment, or simply a day spent hiking and exploring nature - can help foster a healthy relationship with technology. By teaching children the importance of spending time outdoors, we can ensure that technology does not replace genuine physical experiences but instead complements them.

      In conclusion, technology does not have to be a no-no. It can provide educational opportunities, foster creativity, and connect individuals across the globe. However, it is crucial to ensure that children have a balanced lifestyle, engaging in physical activities and spending time outdoors. By doing so, we can harness the benefits of technology while preserving the value of real human connections and experiences.

      Can screen time count as outdoor time?

      ​In our digital age, screen time has become a common part of our daily lives, especially for children. With the rise of smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles, it's not unusual for kids to spend hours glued to screens indoors. But can screen time actually be considered as outdoor time?

      While screens can provide educational and interactive experiences, they can never truly replace the benefits of being outdoors. Outdoor time offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits for children. It allows them to explore nature, develop their physical skills, and engage in imaginative play. From running and climbing to building forts and interacting with the natural environment, outdoor activities promote healthier lifestyles and foster creativity.

      However, there are ways to make screen time more closely resemble outdoor experiences. Many educational apps and online platforms now incorporate interactive features that encourage physical activity. Additionally, virtual reality and augmented reality games can provide a more immersive experience that simulates being outdoors. Such experiences can certainly bridge the gap between indoor screen time and outdoor play, but they should never fully replace the real thing.

      In conclusion, while screen time may have its merits in certain educational contexts, it cannot truly be considered a substitute for outdoor time. The multitude of benefits that outdoor play offers, such as physical activity, creativity, and connection with nature, cannot be replicated by screens alone. So, let's encourage children to put down their devices, step outside, and explore the wonders of the natural world. And if you're looking for gifts for adventure-loving kids, opt for toys and tools that encourage outdoor exploration and playtime rather than adding to their screen time.

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