About Me


Angelina Allsop is an Amazon Best Selling Author who travels the world full-time with her husband, Bryce. She enjoys traveling, monstery things, reading, and of course, writing about all the adventures she and her invisible ghostly friends have.


Her debut novel, The Dead Orphanage, now called The Unliving Chronicles, is an award-nominated, otherworldly book that hit the top-selling charts in its first month. How to Tell if Your Grandma is a Vampire is her first in The Amusement Park for Monsters series and is hilarious, quick-paced, packed full of monsters, missions, and lots of adventures.

Keep an Eye Out!

If you love fantasy adventure, mythical fantasy, monsters books for kids, and young adult books, then you will LOVE these coming-of-age adventure books! Look for the rest of both haunting series coming soon!


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