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Angelina Allsop
Angelina Allsop is an Amazon Best Selling Author who travels the world full-time with her husband, Bryce. She enjoys traveling, monstery things, reading, and of course, writing about all the adventures she and her invisible ghostly friends have. 

Her debut novel, The Dead Orphanage, now called The Unliving Chronicles, is an award-nominated, otherworldly book that hit the top-selling charts in its first month. How to Tell if Your Grandma is a Vampire is her first in The Amusement Park for Monsters series and is hilarious, quick-paced, packed full of monsters, missions, and lots of adventures.
Target Audience
The primary target audience are the parents of middle grade (ages 8-12) and young adult (YA) readers (ages 12-18). These parents are often in search of engaging, educational, and screen-free activities for their children. They seek solutions to the challenges of navigating the digital landscape and the desire to find wholesome and enriching alternatives that can captivate young minds while fostering their love for reading.
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Suggested Interview Questions & Topics

What are some dark fiction favorites kids would love?

Together, we could discuss a curated list of dark fiction books appropriate for middle grade and YA readers. We could talk about  what makes these stories captivating and how they can be both thrilling and age-appropriate.

What are some screen-free activities YA and middle-graders would love?

Let's talk about some engaging screen-free activities that encourage creativity, learning, and fun for kids. We could talk about activities like writing prompts, craft projects, outdoor adventures, interactive storytelling, and more!

How do you write a novel?

We can talk about on how to write a novel, and tailor the discuss for young aspiring writers. We can cover essential aspects such as idea generation, plotting, character development, writing techniques, the importance of revision and editing, and more.

What are your favorite books which have been turned into a movie?

Let's talk about our favorite movies who found their inspiration from a book. We can discuss the possibilities and challenges of adapting books into films, TV shows, or even graphic novels. 
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Dark Natter Podcast Interview

"In this episode, Jon discusses the wealth of brilliant children's dark fiction that's lurking out there (both nostalgic favourites and some more contemporary stuff) with special guest and extremely talented author of Peter Green and the Unliving Academy, Angelina Allsop!"

Pixelated Geek

"Allsop’s prose is easy for younger readers without being overly childlike, and she’s at her best when she has the characters react very matter-of-factly to the most bizarre situations... and I loved loved loved the scene with the annoying customer at the coffee shop."

Cyns Workshop

"What a fun novel. ...It is a sweet story to share with children, that parents and family can share with kids..."

Katherine Kuzma-Beck Hart, PH.D.

"Be prepared for a large cast of characters and a lot of action throughout the novel. Even the slow parts weren’t all that slow and this made for a nice Friday night read."

Blogging With Dragons

"I could see a younger audience, perhaps middle school students, especially those that like Harry Potter, enjoying it quite a lot."

Game Industry News

"This was a book that reminded me greatly of stories I had read as a kid, mainly the Harry Potter series, but surprisingly better done."

Joel Hirst

"Yes, we are obsessed with death. Into this ancient tradition steps Angelina Allsop with her simple pre-teen book 'Peter Green and the Unliving Academy'”.

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