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How to Tell if Your Grandma is a Vampire: Amusement Park for Monsters Book #1

How to Tell if Your Grandma is a Vampire: Amusement Park for Monsters Book #1

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Ghosts, zombies, vampires, and more. Alex and Ana’s new home is full of surprises.

Alex and Ana are twins in foster care. After their parents went missing a year ago, they’re desperate not to lose each other. But their chances of staying together are slim…

That is, until they find out they have family who live in a mansion outside of Savannah, Georgia.

Hoping for a fresh start, they move in with family. But their new home comes with secrets that seem impossible to keep. From strange noises, mysterious creatures, and a glowing book, the mysteries awaiting them are too powerful to resist.  

When they accidentally expose the book to someone they shouldn’t, they unleash a chain of events that could destroy their family… and the world. They must team up with new friends and friendly monsters, get the book back, and stop the evil magic—before it’s too late.

How to Tell if Your Grandma is a Vampire is a fun and spooky adventure for Kids 9-12 who love monsters, zombies, vampires, and siblings who stick together. This is the perfect summer read that you’ve been looking for!


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