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Peter Green & the Desert Disaster: The Unliving Chronicles Book #1.3

Peter Green & the Desert Disaster: The Unliving Chronicles Book #1.3

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Harnessing true power requires a sacrifice.
Pete thinks he understands this... until he's forced to face the consequences.

Barely having survived his last adventure, it isn’t long before Peter Green is cast into peril once more. Thankfully, he seems to be getting a grasp of his “Other” abilities – his magic abilities – and it's starting to give him an edge in the battle against the victims of the otherworld.

But what happens when disaster strikes where it hurts him the most, and his new best friends are placed in great danger?

A terrible explosion...
An unstoppable, scaly behemoth set out to destroy everything in its path...
A battleground crisscrossed with projectiles... 

...This may not be a mission that Peter and his friends return from.

However, an unexpected ally may be interested in offering a helping hand… though his dark intentions may not be as pure as Peter thinks…

 Peter Green and the Desert Disaster is the latest all-action novella installment of The Unliving Chronicles zombie books for kids series and this time, author Angelina Allsop has really pushed the limits of the genre. This series of page-turners is the newest epic fantasy for teens that is revolutionizing magic books for kids ages 8-12 and acquainting readers with a new talent in books for kids by black authors.

Fans of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo, The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton and other similar middle-grade fiction best sellers will simply LOVE this young adult fantasy series.

Finally, if you enjoy the following types of books, Peter Green’s adventures are for you:

  • Young adult and YA fantasy novels
  • Ghost books for teens
  • Monster books for kids 9-12
  • Young adult paranormal series



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