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Robots Plan my Vacations: How I Used Artificial Intelligence to Plan my Travels

Robots Plan my Vacations: How I Used Artificial Intelligence to Plan my Travels

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Use AI to plan your vacations in minutes—and save money, time, and hassle!

Do you want to travel better, for longer, and on a shoestring budget? Do you want to have incredible experiences, visit unique and lesser-known places, and create lasting, one-of-a-kind memories? And do you want to do it all without spending a ton of time planning?

If you answered yes, then you need to read this book!

Get ready to learn to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to plan A+ vacations. AI is not just sci-fi anymore. It’s here to stay and can become your personal travel assistant. You don’t have to be a coder, an expert traveler, or even a tech-savvy person to use AI. With a smartphone, an internet connection, and a sense of adventure, you can take your travel dreams to the next level.

Learn how to use ChatGPT, a powerful AI tool that can:

  • Find the best place to visit within your specific parameters
  • Create a travel budget that suits your needs
  • Book flights, hotels, and activities at the best prices
  • Generate packing lists, itineraries, and travel tips
  • Answer any travel-related questions you might have
  • And much more!

For full-time author and traveler, Angelina Allsop, travel planning used to take a LOOOONG time... that is until she discovered how easy it was to use ChatGPT to plan her travels. Now, she’s on a mission to help you do the same thing.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler, a new traveler, a busy parent, a hardworking entrepreneur, a solo traveler, or just someone who wants to plan a trip like a pro without too much effort, this book will help you turn AI into the ultimate travel planner.

Grab your copy of Robots Plan My Vacations today and learn to turn ChatGPT into your own personal travel agent. 

Happy Travels!

PS. This book comes with a FREE companion ChatGPT prompt swipesheet! Download it at  

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